PCR vs Rapid Testing 

Primescope Diagnostics utilizes PCR testing as our primary method for diagnosing infectious diseases.


Primescope Diagnostics utilizes PCR testing as our primary method for diagnosing infectious diseases. We understand the importance of accurate and reliable results for guiding appropriate treatment and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. While rapid testing can provide results quickly, it is not as accurate as PCR testing.

PCR testing, on the other hand, is the gold standard for diagnosing infectious diseases. It is a highly sensitive and specific test that can detect even small amounts of viral or bacterial genetic material in a sample. PCR tests can also identify different strains of the same virus, which is essential for tracking the spread of infectious diseases and developing effective treatments and vaccines.

While PCR testing may take longer than rapid testing, usually several hours, the wait is well worth it. Primescope Diagnostics prides itself on providing accurate and reliable results in a timely manner with a same-day turnaround time which is often times just a few hours. Our small scale allows us to return results quickly and efficiently, without compromising accuracy or quality.

At Primescope Diagnostics, we use PCR testing because we believe it provides the most reliable results for our patients. We use state-of-the-art equipment, including the Abbott Alinity m, to process our PCR tests. This technology utilizes a highly sensitive process known as real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to detect viral RNA in patient samples.

The Abbott Alinity m is a powerful tool that can process up to 120 patient samples simultaneously, providing same-day results and oftentimes in as little as a few hours. This allows us to offer faster turnaround times for our patients, reducing their stress and anxiety while enabling them to take appropriate measures to protect themselves and those around them.

While rapid testing may be useful for quick screening and initial diagnosis, PCR testing is the preferred method for definitive diagnosis and disease management. Primescope Diagnostics understands the importance of accurate and reliable results and is committed to providing our patients and healthcare providers with the resources they need to make informed decisions and provide the best possible care.

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